Every morning, billionaire Milton Petrie walked from his New York  apartment and bought a newspaper from the regged old man on the street corner.One  morning  the man  wasn’t there.Petrie learned that  he was  very ill in the city hospital. Immediately he saiid his hospital bill and later, when  the  man died  , paid  for his funeral.The old man was just one of many people that Milton Petrie helped with his money.Whenever he read about personal disasterss in his newspaper he sent generous cheques,especially to the familiesof policemen or firemen injured at work.He also sent cheques to a mother  who lost  five children in a fire,and  a beautiful model,whose face was cut in a knife attack.It cost him millions of dollars, but he still had million left.He said that  he was lucky in business and he wanted to help those less fortunate than himself.”The nice thing is , the harder I work, the more money I make, and the more people I can help”.Milton Petrie died in1994 when he was 9. His will was 120 pages long because he left $150 million to 383 people. His widow, Carroll, his fourth and last wife , said his generosity was  aresult of the poverty of his early years.His  family were poor but kind-hearted.His father was a Russian immigrant  who became a policeman, but never arrested anyone, he was too kind.He couldn’t even give a parking ticket.

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